Some AAAAAArt Stuff I've been doing at #OccupyLA

Some things I've been doing with others at #OccupyLA. I've also been sitting on the Demands and Objectives Committee and helping out on the Research Committee. With AAAAAA I've been participating in casual performance projects and really enjoying them.

CREDIT sung, shouted, whispered, scatted, chanted and droned (scroll down to hear audio excerpts from some of the performances)

10/1/11 CREDIT Proclamation with John Burtle and Kim Calder

CREDIT10111 by anathematas

10/2/11 CREDIT Singing with Kim Calder and Adam Overton interleaved with The Dabblerist Manifesto by Matador Oven

10/3/11 CREDIT Whisperers with John Burtle and Adam Overton
CREDIT10311 by anathematas

10/5/11 CREDIT Reading Together in Unison with Joshua (from Occupy LA Library)
CREDIT10511 by anathematas

10/8/11 CREDIT Shouting with Solomon Bothwell and Sean Gall
CREDIT10811 by anathematas

10/14/11 CREDIT Singing at &Now Tommorowland Forever Conference Les Figues Panel at UCSD with Adam Overton
CREDIT101411 by anathematas

10/17/11 CREDIT Swingin Country Jam with Amanda Ackerman and Jennifer Karmin
CREDIT107111 by anathematas

Also ...

10/8/11 Occupy LA Tour which spontaneously coalesced around Solomon Bothwell, a megaphone, Sean Gall and myself (we also picked up a spanish translator towards the end of the tour) - Below is actually a photo of Solomon with megaphone on the people's soap box - but it was only about 45 minutes later he was leading us on a spontaeous tour of OccupyLA

photo Harold Abramowitz

10/9/11 Title Singing with Harold Abramowitz as we received book donations at the library

photo Harold Abramowitz

10/19/11 Singing Chanting Voice Choir Chorus - got together and sang various songs as a warm up and then performed "Do You Have A Radical Proposal" (Arranged by D. Tucker, C. Thornton, R. Woo) on the west steps of City Hall and eventually throughout the entire occupation with Jordan Biren, Narin Dickerson, Sean Gall, Adam Overton, Nancy Popp and Mathew Timmons
Listen to an excerpt from the last 10 minutes of the performance…
Do You Have a Radical Proposal by anathematas

Watch us practicing and working with people who joined us, offering a Radical Proposal or two…

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