The End of CREDIT / Beginning of INSERT BLANC PRESS

The End of CREDIT
Mathew Timmons: OPEN MIND closing party
Saturday March 31 from 6-10pm
Weekend Gallery

To celebrate the closing of Mathew Timmons: OPEN MIND come to Weekend Gallery Saturday, March 31 from 6-10pm for a performance of The End of CREDIT. Timmons 800 page large format hardbound book CREDIT was released in Septemeber 2009 and he began reading straight through it from page 1 in August 2010. On Saturday, March 31 from 6-10pm a small choir of Mathew Timmons, Geneva Skeen, Andrew Choate, Garrick Hogg, Elana Mann, Yecenia Torres and others will perform The End of CREDIT, the last pages of the book.

From NOW into the foreseeable future
Everywhere on the Internet
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OPEN MIND also showcases the publishing work of Insert Press and Blanc Press. For further cause of celebration we would like to announce the launch of a new combined publishing venture, Insert Blanc Press and a new website Currently in beta version for testing while we move all the information from various places to one super website, during this time all Insert Blanc Press books, prints, chapbooks, subscriptions etc will be 20% off with the discount code "2011 Prices" Use the discount code during the checkout process and as many times as you like until summer.

I hope you will all join me for these grand gala events!

Mathew Timmons
Editor & Publisher
Insert Blanc Press

some book covers with their original texts erased

Lately I've been scouring the internets for book cover design blogs and sites and etc etc - and of course I highly recommend BibliOdyssey and 50 Watts for finding crazy illustrations and old book plates - it's more difficult to just find collections of book cover design images - so I may post some things here from time to time - likely I'll erase the original texts and look for hi-res images as much as possible - do my level best and all that - for now there's one above and look for more ...