Movie Reel Project

Movie Reel Project
at Outpost for Contemporary Art

Over the course of the next few months we'll be switching in and out various videos from various artists. During open hours at Outpost you may arrive and find one of the movies from the list below happily playing along on a nice monitor. We'll also be scheduling screenings of these projects at Outpost. We might also make popcorn. mmmmmm...

Ainsi fon fon fon les petites demoiselles… and that’s why I’m not a Lesbian.
Multimedia Installation, May 2007, California Institute of the Arts.
An original work by Frederique de Montblanc and Janne Larsen
Artists who have participated on this project: Sidonie Loiseleux, Yuen Cheuk Wa, Pablo Molina, Zachary Drucker and Arsene Delay.
This is a compilation of four videos--Self Portrait, Concentrated Milk, The Old Lady and the Milkmaid and Masculinihilist--developed about the many facades woman put on and discard throughout the various roles they play. Watch The Old Lady and the Milkmaid Now.

The Audience Reacts
by Julia Sherman
On television and film productions featuring a live audience, there comes a time when the extras are asked to cycle through all possible reactions to the actual show. This footage will be edited into 2 second segments later on, but the shoot turns into a kind of endurance test of artifical emotion. This strange excercise is a much-anticipated moment for extras to act on-camera, and the result is some kind of super-audience, with endless stamina and unparalleled enthusiasm. In The Audience Reacts, we never catch a glimpse of what the audience may or may not be watching on stage/screen. They dart back and forth between extreme reactions, booing, clapping, laughing and hissing in an infinite loop, suddenly becoming the stars of their very own movie. See an example here.

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