Saturday April 18 at 4pm
at Outpost for Contemporary Art

Join us at Outpost for readings from Allison Carter, Joseph Mosconi and Alessandro De Francesco.

Allison Carter is the author of a book, A Fixed, Formal Arrangement (Les Figues Press) and a chapbook Shadows Are Weather (Horse Less Press). Her work has otherwise appeared in Joyland, 5_Trope, Fence, 3rd Bed, and other journals. These days Allison lives in Los Angeles, where she designs websites, teaches writing workshops, and co-edits the Particle Series with Joe Potts.

Joseph Mosconi is a writer and linguist from Los Angeles. He is co-editor of the art & poetry journal Area Sneaks and is co-director of the Poetic Research Bureau, a literary service in the public domain. His work has appeared in Try, Shampoo, Primary Writing, the Fillip Review and other journals and magazines.

Alessandro De Francesco (Pisa, Italy, 1981) lives in Lyon, France. He published the poetry book Lo spostamento degli oggetti in the collection Opera Prima (Verona, Cierre Grafica, 2008, with an afterword by Martin Rueff), directed by Flavio Ermini, Yves Bonnefoy, Umberto Galimberti and Andrea Zanzotto, and the trilingual poetry e-book da 1000m (HGH,, 2009). As a poet, translator and literature theorist he published his works in several international reviews, such as “Anterem”, “Atelier”, “Écritures”, “Nioques”, “poet”, “OEI”, “Semicerchio”, “Testo e Senso”, etc., he realized several poetry readings, lectures, sound installations and performances (reading environments) all over Europe and was invited by institutions such as Denkmalschmiede Höfgen, The Berlin University of the Arts, Arthouse Tacheles Berlin, STEIM Amsterdam, Medialab Tallinn, Point Loma Nazarene University of San Diego, University of Paris-Sorbonne, etc. He was selected for the new talents’ poetry programs Nodo Sottile (directed by Vittorio Biagini and Andrea Sirotti) and RicercaBO (directed by Nanni Balestrini, Niva Lorenzini and Renato Barilli) and taught poetry at École Normale Supérieure LSH Lyon, where he is also Ph.D. student of Comparative Literature. He suceeded Jacques Roubaud as visiting poet at Judith Balso’s poetry and philosophy seminar at European Graduate School. His recent project Ridefinizione (Redefinition) is being translated into English, French, German, Dutch and Swedish.

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