a little get together for Danny Snelson!

a little get together for Danny Snelson
Friday August 12 at 7pm (reading at 8pm sharp)
at my house rsvp for directions to anathemata at geeeeeeeeemail

Danny Snelson is in Los Angeles!

Danny Snelson is a brilliant young writer, editor and archivist from the other side of the country, the other coast. He is not here in Los Angeles very often! If you do not know who this Danny Snelson is, well then you should come meet Danny Snelson at my house this Friday at 7pm. There will be a reading which will actually really start at 8pm. Joseph Mosconi will read and Danny and Mashinka Firunts will present "a little talk with some poems in it."

So please come enjoy relax and get together with the people! If you don't know where my house is drop me a line and I'll give you directions... ok see you there then...

the image associated with this event has nothing to do with any of these people other than it came up in a google image search of "danny snelson los angeles joseph mosconi apartment" so that's something...

Danny Snelson is an editor, writer and archivist living in Brooklyn. Recent works include my Dear coUntess (Drunken Boat, 2007), an internet specific video-text recomposition of a fin-de-si\'8fcle letter to Lord Kelvin, and The Book of Ravelling Women (Aphasic Letters, 2008), a fraudulent digital reproduction of a book by Djuna Barnes originally republished in 1948 (forged in collaboration with Phoebe Springstubb, an architect & visual artist based in Manhattan). In 2006, he worked to release the 0 to 9 magazine reprint & Aram Saroyan's Complete Minimal Poems with Ugly Duckling Presse.

As a contributing editor to PennSound audio archive, Danny has produced essential collections of recordings from a diverse range of writers including Louis Zukofsky, Gregory Whitehead, Robert Duncan, William Carlos Williams,Clark Coolidge, Robert Filliou, Adachi Tomomi, bill bissett, and Craig Dworkin. As the editor of /ubu editions at UbuWeb, Danny has released free republications of previously scarce/unavailable works byMaurice Blanchot, Robert Wilson, Rosmarie Waldrop,Bernard N\'9ael (Paul Buck), Bruce Andrews, Severo Sarduy, Dick Higgins, and Claude Simon. In February 2004, he began his online archival work as a scanner for Craig Dworkin's eclipse project.

Joseph Mosconi is a writer and linguist who lives in Los Angeles. He is an editor of Area Sneaks, a journal of poetry and visual arts, and codirects the Poetic Research Bureau. His criticism can be found in the Fillip Review, The /n/oulipian Analects, and the liner notes to Golden Digest, a DVD release by Animal Charm.

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