Two Grrreat! bits about the PARROT series recently came online.

First, Mark Wallace wrote a brief and very good review of PARROT 1 My Beautiful Beds by Stephanie Rioux claiming that "Rioux is one of the most interesting up-and-coming, too-little-known poets around." True, I've known how good she is for coming on 7 years and she gave me the title "My Beautiful Beds" nearly 5 years ago.

And a decidedly not brief interview I did with David Shook of Molossus! about PARROT in general, it's inspiration and the printing process as well as the aesthetic of the series. Also, it's true when I say that, "A list of these authors books, chapbooks, journal publications, essays, plays, exhibitions, and media projects would astound you in terms of how long the list is as well as in terms of the venues these writers are publishing and performing in."

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