*this should be considered alongside the pdf portfolio sent in

Publications - Books
The New Poetics. Los Angeles: Les Figues Press, forthcoming.
- Attached in portfolio pdf.

CREDIT. Los Angeles: Blanc Press, 2009.
- Attached as a separate pdf.
- Blanc Press Site.
- Reviewed on LemonHound by Gregory Betts. January 2, 2010.
- Reviewed in The Globe and Mail by Brian Joseph Davis. November 3, 2009.

Lip Service. Ohio: Slack Buddha Press, 2009.
- Attached in portfolio pdf.
- from Sound Noise. An additional excerpt at Corduroy Mountain.
- from Basic Hearing. An additional excerpt at Poetica.

Set for a Play that Doesn't Exist.
- documentation attached in portfolio pdf.

- documentation attached in portfolio pdf.

Ursonorous Disruptions.

- documentation attached in portfolio pdf.

- Article in the Los Angeles Times by Paul Young. Novermber 17, 2008.
- Project Page with Audio samples and code.

The Selected Works of Robert Darry.
- documentation attached in portfolio pdf.

Seepferdchen und Flugfische (sound poetry) aslongasittakes 2 (2008)

Goooaaalll!!! (video poetics & performance) Da Benshi Code, Betalevel, Los Angeles (July 2006)
- video mashup of chance captured video performed with Stan Apps and dealing with capital, the immaterial, soccer and romantic poetry.

Poetry Machine 1 - West Hollywood Bookfair, West Hollywood, CA (September 2006)
- photos of lo-tech version - with all wooden gears etc
- hi-tech version

Critical Writing

- articles attached in portfolio pdf
- additional items include:
Protein Recital at Bonelli Contemporary The Magazine (July/August 2009)

Panel Moderator, "LAs Feral Institutions" for Aferall's Conversations Lounge, CAA, Los Angeles (February 2009)

Curatorial & Editorial

LA-Lit, Co-Host and Co-Producer, Online Interview Show with LA writers (2005-present)
- PennSound Page

Insert Press, Editor, Los Angeles (2005-present).

Los Angeles Editor, Joyland: a Hub for Short Fiction (2008-present)

Late Night Snack, performance series at Betalevel and the Lounge at REDCAT, Los Angeles (2006-present)

General Director General Projects (2008-present)

The Ups & Downs, installation series at Betalevel & workspace, Los Angeles (Sept 2008-Sept 2009).
- Draft Clopy of forthcoming Book documenting the series attached in portfolio pdf

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