Jon Rutzmoser & Marianne Morris Reading Dec 4

Paesaggio Eroico [Heroic Landscape], Adelchi-Riccardo Mantovani, 75x55cm, 2008

Jon Rutzmoser & Marianne Morris Reading
Sunday December 4, 2011 at 6:30pm
Insert Blanc Press HQ
Los Angeles, CA 90027
rsvp for directions LALiterature [at] [geeeemail] [dot] com

Jon Rutzmoser will be living in Echo Park, Los Angeles in early December. In fact, he's been living there for a while now, and he will continue to live there in early December. Marianne Morris, the British (Canadian-born) poet will be visiting Los Angeles for a few days in early December. Since the two of them have so much in common, we've decided to celebrate by having them each perform a reading at Insert Blanc Press HQ on Sunday December 4, 2011 at 6:30pm. You should come. You might enjoy seeing them perform readings.

If you don't know where Insert Blanc Press HQ is then please rsvp for directions at LALiterature [at] [geeeemail] [dot] com. If you know where Insert Blanc Press HQ is then you don't need to rsvp at all, just show up. Then we will all have so much in common. We will all physically occupy Insert Blanc Press HQ, even if just for a few passing hours. Oh and feel free to bring snacks or something to drink if you like, and if you're not into that sort of thing, that's fine too, just bring yourself andor a friend or just yourself. We'll be very happy to see you.

6:30pm social hour - reading will start by 7/7:30 at the absolute latest

here are some bios:
Jon Rutzmoser (b. 1982) is an artist, writer, and educator living in Los Angeles. Recent work appears in Gaga Stigmata, Drunken Boat and X-TRA. Jon also runs an experimental theater out of his Echo Park apartment. More information at

Marianne Morris is Canadian by birth and a Londoner by day; is a writer, painter, collagemaker and taxidermic sculptor based in East London. She was born in 1981 and founded Bad Press with Jow Lindsey and Jonathan Stevenson in 2002. Morris studied English Literature at Newnham College, Cambridge, and was the recipient of the Harper-Wood Studentship for Creative Writing from St. John’s College in 2008. She is now researching for a PhD in contemporary poetry at Dartington (University College Falmouth). Publications include: Commitment (Critical Documents/Bad Press, 2011), Untitled Colossal Parlour Odes (with Luke Roberts, Sophie Robinson, Josh Stanley; Bad Press, 2011), Tutu Muse (Fly By Night Press, 2008); A New Book From Barque Press, Which They Will Probably Not Print (Barque Press, 2006); with Bad Press: Cocteau Turquoise Turning, Fetish Poems (2004); Gathered Tongue, Memento Mori (2003); Poems in Order (2002). All Mod Cons and Iran Documents are forthcoming from Acts of Language and Openned Press respectively. Official blog:

William Maxwell Evans Perkins was born in New York City in 1884. Though he received a degree in economics from Harvard University, his passion was literature, and after college he took a position at Charles Scribner and Sons as an editor. Perkins was the only editor who recognized the brilliance of F. Scott Fitzgerald's first novel, which would also be true of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. Perkins died in 1947.

(!x==[33]) Volume 1 by .UNFO from Blanc Press

Los Angeles, 11.11.11—Blanc Press is pleased to announce the release of (!x==[33]) Book 1 Volume 1 by .UNFO the first volume of a projected multiple volume set. What if you had a very long book and made it longer? With (!x==[33]) .UNFO seeks to indexically lengthen the world’s most monumental texts through failed software operations.

(!x==[33]) is curated by UNFO (Unauthorized Narrative Freedom Organization), an unofficial and temporary coalition of coders and writers, including Dan Richert and Harold Abramowitz.

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To date, Blanc Press has published CREDIT by Mathew Timmons, and Tragodía by Vanessa Place, the three volume set comprised of Statement of Facts, Statement of the Case and Argument.

Blanc Press: It’s material!

(!X==[33]) BOOK 1 VOLUME 1
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E! Entertainment by Kate Durbin

E! Entertainment by Kate Durbin
Full Color 40pg chapbook

Special Limited Edition Chapbook Signed and Numbered by the author $12.00

Chapbook Edition $9.00

I think it's really cool that you write books about pop culture. I read your chapters on Lindsay Lohan & Anna Nicole Smith—love them both. —Josie Stevens, star of the E! reality TV show Married to Rock

There is no one sporting hypermediaflesh like Kate Durbin's. With E! Entertainment she strips the TV image from its old curves, reupholstering 2D-packed pixelshit into clipped components, sentences, where somehow less surrounded they take on the shape of psychically deformed wallpaper. These are our icon baths hobbling toward you, reciting script-prayer in mime of sleep, and now Durbin is their lord. —Blake Butler, author of the novel Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia

Kate Durbin is the brilliant combination of Warhol and Warhollian superstar—both pop satirist and performance artist. Courtroom defiant La Lohan, the clownish pathos of Anna Nicole Smith: these are Durbin’s Jackie O’s and car crashes. Her new conceptual poetry book, E! Entertainment, is both rapturous and ravaging of pop culture, sending up the paparazzi’s glare, the vampiric obsession with the lives of reality starlets, endlessly reported on E! news by fakebaked anchors with colgate smiles. Particularly poignant in this collection is Durbin’s opening piece on MTV’s The Hills, in which she narrates in microdetail the tedium and tragedy of reality TV, its scripted mumblecore, the punctures and weird rhythms, the edited, dramatic pauses, how nothing is said but there’s something bubbling underneath. All this Durbin builds to the (soap) operatic, into a backstabbing tragedy (later she counterpoises the toxic girls on The Hills with another televised catfight, in her piece on Dynasty). With Durbin’s meticulous slowdown we begin to read in between the lines, a meditation on these girls, their lives. —Kate Zambreno, author of Green Girl