I've always wanted to say that ...


We've been in the process of designing a whole slew of PARROTs all at once - the next 13 issues even - which will bring us up to PARROT 23!

Would you like to know what's forthcoming in the PARROT series? Oh, I bet you would! Ohkay then: PARROT 11 Vanessa Place - Forcible Oral Copulation, PARROT 12 Janice Lee - Fried Chicken Dinner, PARROT 13 Amina Cain - Tramps Everywhere, PARROT 14 Michelle Detorie - Fur Birds, PARROT 15 Kate Durbin - Kept Women, PARROT 16 Michael Smoler - Pieces of Water, PARROT 17 Amarnath Ravva - Airline Music, PARROT 18 K. Lorraine Graham - My Little Neoliberal Pony, PARROT 19 Maximus Kim - Break Bloom Burn, PARROT 20 Jen Hofer - The Missing Link, PARROT 21 Brian Ang - Pre-Symbolic, PARROT 22 Ara Shirinyan - Erotic in Czech Republic, PARROT 23 Mathew Timmons - Complex Textual Legitimacy Proclamation.

Yes! All that stupendous wonderfulness!

You should probably subscribe to the series now, ohkay.

If you're not yet all a twitter, how about this, Insert Blanc Press, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! has reprinted a small quantity of the first ten issues of PARROT and have made them once again available for sale and at a 10% discount! Just buy a bunch of PARROTs or even pick up the subscription to PARROT and use the discount code ParrotSummerSale during checkout. It's that easy!


Hooray for Summer and the PARROT SUMMER SALE!

Get your copies of PARROT 1-10 while supplies last! PARROT 1 Stephanie Rioux - My Beautiful Beds, PARROT 2 Harold Abramowitz - A House on a Hill (A House on a Hill, Part One), PARROT 3 Allison Carter - All Bodies Are The Same and They Have The Same Reactions, PARROT 4 Joseph Mosconi - But On Geometric, PARROT 5 Allyssa Wolf - Loquela, PARROT 6 Brain Kim Stephans - Viva Miscegenation, PARROT 7 Will Alexander - On the Substance of Disorder, PARROT 8 Amanda Ackerman - I Fell in Love With a Monster Truck, PARROT 9 Stan Apps - Politicized Pretty Picture, PARROT 10 Teresa Carmody - I Can Feel. So much good stuff. So Much Good Stuff!


Insert Blanc Press MashUp Monster Contest


In honor of the new Insert Blanc Press being a MashUp of both Insert Press and Blanc Press, we're having the second Insert Blanc Press MashUp Monster Contest. Of course, the first Insert Blanc Press MashUp Monster Contest which happened a couple years ago on the facebox had no entrants hence no winners but also no losers. The rules are to make me an awesome mashup of a song from 1974 and a song from 1984 - focus a little on the number 4 or the word for - if you want you can turn it all into noise but the word or number for/four - or forget the whole for four fore thing - just one song from 74 and one from 84 - I'm kinda into the number 4 right now - or whatever - have a little fun with it - and if you mashup the MashUp I like best - you will get lots of books - deadline is the end of July 2012.

As per usual, the rules are to break the rules a little bit. 
Looking forward to your mashups!
Send them along to InsertPress at gmail dot com

Altered State Library, Blanc Press Series by Katie Herzog

Altered State Library, Blanc Press Series by Katie Herzog Now Available! 
Insert Blanc Monograph: Katie Herzog: Object Oriented Programming now available for Pre-Sale!

Altered State Library, Blanc Press Series
Katie Herzog
various sizes
various media on paper

Altered State Library, Katie Herzog’s Blanc Press Series is a limited series of 11 new works to accompany Herzog’s forthcoming artist monograph, Katie Herzog: Object Oriented Programming, January 13, 2012 - March 30, 2012, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC, a Xerox Company). Altered State Library was executed in the vein of German pharmacologist P.N. Witt’s research on the effect of psychoactive drugs on spiders. Instead of a web, the resulting works are a variety of representations of the Getty Research Institute Library. Each drawing will come with a signed copy of Katie Herzog's artist monograph, a large format, full color, hardbound edition of approximately 100 pages with essays by Amelia Acker and Andrew Choate.

The Insert Blanc Monograph series will begin with artist monographs from Christopher Russell and Katie Herzog and each will be preceded by a Limited Series of 10 new works by the artist. Each of the Limited Series is an individual piece by the artist and comes with a signed copy of the accompanying artist monograph.

Browse the series and choose the variant you'd like to purchase.

The book is also now available for Pre-Sale at a special price of $45.

   Katie Herzog: Object Oriented Programming
   January 13, 2012 - March 30, 2012
   Palo Alto Research Center (PARC, a Xerox Company)
   Essays by Amelia Acker and Andrew Choate
   large format, full color, hardbound edition approx 100pgs

Katie Herzog received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2001 and a Master of Fine Arts at UC San Diego in 2005. She studied Library and Information Science at San Jose State University and currently serves as Director of the Molesworth Institute. Recent projects include a Dictionary of Textual Asylum in Basel, Switzerland, and a pop-up publishing platform for rejected research in the Quint Gallery restroom in La Jolla, CA.